Tai Chi Faq:

Whether considering taking up a new interest such as Tai Chi Ch’ua'n or extending your existing knowledge, it pays to take time to find the right system and the best environment to suit your personal learning style and needs.

Anyone interested in joining our Association is welcome to come along to any of the Club classes to see for themselves how we train and what we teach.  It is recommended that you contact us first, as occasionally we have sessions that are restricted to members only and we would not want you to have a wasted journey.

However, we can answer some of the most frequently asked questions here, to give you some idea of what to expect.

Do I need to be fit? Answers Please Click Here »

Not necessarily.  Our system is designed to take into account individual needs and can be adapted to suit just about everyone, regardless of their present or future level of fitness.  It you are already fit, regular practise of Tai Chi Ch'uan is the perfect maintenance programme.  If you are not accustomed to regular exercise, the gentle and relaxed movements of our style have been developed to place no strain, wear or tear on your body

What should I wear? Answers Please Click Here »

Clothing needs to be loose, casual and comfortable with no restrictions at the neck or waist.  Since some of our exercises are floor based or seated, ladies are asked to wear leggings or trousers.  Ideally footwear should be traditional soft Chinese slippers, but any flat, supple shoes will be fine.  Many students wear socks but we do not recommend that students wear trainers or train bare foot.  If students require Chinese slippers, these can be obtained on their behalf.  Membership of the Association permits the wearing of the Club uniform – basically long, loose tee-shirts worn as a tunic.  We also have sweatshirts for the cooler weather and cosy hooded fleecy tops for those chilly evenings

What equipment do I need? Answers Please Click Here »

Just bring yourself.   Students may, if they wish, bring along their own towel or mat to sit / lie on in some classes (these are provided in some venues).  We also strongly recommend students bring a notebook and pen to jot down information and exercises to help remember them correctly

As a complete beginner will I feel out of my depth? Answers Please Click Here »
As we want students to feel at comfortable from the moment they walk through the door, new students are given individual tuition on their first few sessions, covering basic stances and the first movements of the Short Form.  We often split the class into small sub-groups training at various levels, so in all exercises beginners are given special attention to ensure they understand and enjoy their training
How often do I need to train? Answers Please Click Here »
As often as you wish.  There is no minimum requirement for training at home, it is purely down to individual choice.   Class attendance depends on personal circumstances with some students training three or four times a week, but the majority get to classes once or twice a week.  If you are on shift work or have other commitments, you are welcome to attend irregularly, perhaps every two or three weeks.  No pressure, no obligation
Am I too old? Answers Please Click Here »

The good news about Tai Chi Ch'uan is that it is designed to promote a long, healthy and active life so you can still be practising long after your telegram from the Queen!  The really good news is that it is never too late to start.

Please note that other than in exceptional circumstances, we do not accept students under eighteen years of age

How much space do I need? Answers Please Click Here »

The Lee Family Style Short Form takes up approximately one square yard further than one normal walking pace, so it does not require much room at all.  The majority of our Chinese Yoga, Chi Kung and Meditation exercises require even less space.  Exercises such as Fei Shou (Flying Hands) that take up quite a lot of room can be trained outside or in class

How long does it take to learn? Answers Please Click Here »

How long is a piece of string?  The hallmark of our training is Quality not Quantity.  We take our time in both teaching and learning our art and, quite simply, it takes as long as it takes, but it is definitely not a ‘quick fix’.  We see our training as an antidote to the high speed, high pressure society we live in.  If you want instant results, this is not the environment for you.   After all, Tai Chi Ch'uan is meant to accompany you to a ripe old age, so relax and enjoy the journey

Is it a martial art? Answers Please Click Here »

Tai Chi Ch'uan certainly retains much of its martial arts origins, but in our Association it is taught as an holistic health art, with the emphasis on improving and maintaining personal well-being.  However, since application (self defence) is one element of the overall system, it is touched on in class but not stressed in any way.  Dedicated application classes are held separately for students who wish to explore this aspect of the system, minimum requirement six months basic training or three terms in a Further Education class

If you have any other questions or require further information please contact Adrian on 07831 200540.