Membership and Training

Beginners' Courses

Tai Chi Life is run by Gee Higham, an inspiring and talented teacher(Sifu)

Our Beginners' courses are suitable for all, regardless of age, level, shape and size - they will improve your health and well-being and make you feel good! We run regular Beginners' Tai Chi courses every 12 weeks. However, if you have missed the start date, it is not too late to join! Just give Adrian a call on 01827 716100 and he will be able to help you.
The beginners classes are a great way to find your way. you only need to paid four weeks in advance of £20, as each beginner's class is just £5 per session. Tai Chi Life is a friendly community where everyone is welcome. We are a diverse group with big results. If you want to grow with grace and fulfil your dreams, this is the right place for you. Our approach to teaching is contemporary with traditional values and ancient philosophies. We have a strong connection to China, so you could go from the Midlands to Beijing!

Membership and Training

Training with Midlands T'ai Chi Ch'uan is based upon the traditional Chinese ‘family’ model, with emphasis on always showing respect for yourself and to others. There is none of the rigid discipline or formality typical of many Martial Arts styles, only self-discipline and courtesy. Classes are relaxed, informal and fun, so that students may gain maximum benefit from their T'ai Chi Ch'uan practice in an atmosphere of trust and friendship.

In order to preserve this very special training environment, membership is by invitation only, at the discretion of the Chief Instructor. All students undergo a four session probationary period, paying only for lessons attended. On completion of this probationary period, provided the student has demonstrated an acceptable attitude, they are invited to join the Association, at which time they pay the annual membership fee and member to member insurance premium, obtained through the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts. No member is permitted to train without valid insurance.

Membership of the Association allows students access to all Association Club training, seminars, workshops, demonstrations, etc., the right to wear the Association uniform and take part in promoting the Association's activities. The right to continue as a member of Midlands T'ai Chi Ch'uan depends on individuals maintaining an acceptable attitude and adhering to the rules and Code of Conduct of the Association. In this way we ensure that everyone can train in a safe, comfortable and productive manner.

Minimum age for membership is 18 years and there is no upper age limit.

The Club Constitution setting out in detail the aims and practice of the Association is available for reference at all times.

Personal Development

Our Tai Chi Ch'uan is concerned solely with personal well being, so the Association has no grading or coloured sash / belt system, nor is there any form of competition. However, there is a bi-monthly Advanced Student Development Programme for students wishing to gain a deeper level of understanding and practice in a regular workshop run by the Chief Instructor.

This Programme also provides an opportunity for students who wish to develop their practice to the required level of competency leading to qualification as a full Instructor for the Association.

Instructors for the Association continue their personal and professional development through regular training workshops run by the Chief Instructor.

Fees and Insurance

Membership fees and insurance premiums are payable annually in advance: Currently £25.00 pa

Training fees are paid per session: £5.00 - First session FREE - we ask for payment after your first Free session to prepay 4 weeks in advance of £20.00

If you have any other questions or require further information please contact Adrian on 01827 716100 or 07831 200540.